Top PolandMission
  • To showcase to a local and international audience the best of what the country offers in a simple, elegant, to-the-point manner –not only dining, cafes, culture, and shopping, but also services ranging from finance to medical services.
  • To create a TOP Community where corporate members and users, our service partners, innovative brands, all come together meaningfully.

TOP Publications – TOP Warsaw, TOP Krakow, TOP Wroclaw, TOP Poznan

  • Visually stunning with descriptive presentations.
  • Distributed at the leading hotels, corporate offices, Ambassador’s offices at various embassies, important cultural festivals, and other well-matched venues.
  • TOPs are free of charge, a great souvenir to carry back home to family and friends around the world!

Corporate Partnerships

  • We reach out to hundreds of companies and thousands of corporate employees, primarily due to exclusive partnerships with corporations, businesses, and commerce organizations.