Mokotowska 69

Mokotowska-69, is the next culinary venue by the creator of landmark restaurant Merlienego-5.


Mokotowska 69, located in Warsaw’s center,  offers a stellar dining experience! It has been founded by owners who derive their culinary expertise from their past experience  working in New York’s finest steakhouses. The effort here is to create an immaculate atmosphere, and to provide impeccable service with food of the highest caliber. Mokotowska 69 uses only the highest quality meats such as American black dollar Angus with USDA prime beef certification, Scottish Angus from Aberdeen, top-rated “Kobe style” Thai beef Tajima gyu, and the freshest fish and seafood. The chef here is Kamil Kosnowski; besides seafood and steaks his menu also offers seasonal, traditional Polish dishes made with a modern twist. An excellent wine selection from around the world, including from specialist producers from Chile, Argentina, and Australia, make Mokotowska 69 a must-have experience!

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Mokotowska 69
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