Rozbrat 20 Bakery & Wine Corner

A must-have dining experience in Warsaw!

Rozbrat 20, with its modern Polish cuisine, is now widely considered to be a pillar of the contemporary fine dining trend. Its impressive culinary trajectory is the consequence of the energy and insights of two gastronomic visionaries – owner Daniel Pawełek and Chef Bartosz Szymczak. Both of these individuals are driven professionals, inspiring each other to achieve the culinary heights so important for the both of them. Chef Bartosz’s emphasis is on being local, being seasonal, and above all being creative. The majority of the ingredients he uses are in fact sourced by him from local farmers within a radius of 50 km. around Warsaw and from personally known, reliable vendors. Rozbrat 20 is impressive indeed, serving within its relaxing and less formal atmosphere a modern Polish menu where the dishes are light, elegant, and full of flavor. A must-have dining experience in Warsaw!

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Rozbrat 20
Warszawa 00-447 Warsaw PL
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